In addition to deliver printed Patientenausdrucke to a pharmacy patients also may use the official gematik application to select a pharmacy in order to assign their prescriptions to this pharmacy for dispensation. Once a prescription has been assigned to a pharmacy a message is sent to the pharmacy. The RED telematik API communications service allows pharmacies to poll for new messages and to fetch messages from central Fachdienst servers.

A request for all unread messages is sent using a GET request. The requesting pharmacy is identified by its SMC-B card that must be accessible in a card terminal.


In response the Fachdienst will return an XML data set. 

Example for an answer from Fachdienst with no new messages
    "Bundle": {
        "id": "01e42558-1340-4e24-af18-51d2a8365f00",
        "type": "searchset",
        "timestamp": "2022-08-05T12:47:37.986+00:00",
        "resourceType": "Bundle",
        "total": 0,
        "link": [
                "relation": "self",
                "url": ""
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