Release 116 | 07.02.2024

Release 115 | 24.01.2023

New request for fetching stored prescriptions using the patients electronic health card - RED interchange API - E-Prescription / Pharmacy / Accept task eGK

Release 112 | 14.12.2023

New requests

Release 107 | 27.09.2023

Some of our users have suggested a change in the HTTP status codes of the responses. Until now search and read requests return a status code 200 for search and read requests with or without content. Stepping through data using paging therefore does not provide an indicator when all available data have been fetched. We now have introduced an option for a different behavior. 

  • Successful requests with content will return a status code 200
  • Successful requests without content will return a status code 204 (no content found) - e.g. for an existing patient when paging exceeds the data available
  • Unsucessful requests will return a status code 404 (e.g. requesting data for an unknown patient)

In order to activate this option the setting Status Codes must be activated in the terminal FHIR interface definition.

In addition some issues have been fixed:

  • Paging has been introduced for Practitioners, PractitionerRoles and Organizations.
  • Search and read requests for Claims now return two FHIR-items for each chargecode (Abrechnung vertragsärztlich and Abrechnung vorläufig)
  • A person bundle sent for an existing person will update the person in RED even if no version update was set in the person meta data
  • A person bundle can be sent without address and contact data

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