Organizations are practices defined in RED as user groups. Organizations contain e.g. addresses and contact information for a practice. Organizations can be searched using a search request (GET). Search for organizations will return a bundle including one or more FHIR items of type KBV_PR_AW_Betriebsstaette

For an example see RED Interchange API - Postman Collection example 004 All Organizations.

SEARCH request for all organizations

Example: this search requests fetches all organizations defined in RED using paging to limit the number of results.

Data of a specific organization may be fetched using a read request (GET) including the identifier of the specific organization. A read request returns one FHIR item of type KBV_PR_AW_Betriebsstaette. A read request for an organization specifies the organization by its organization ID. The organization ID may be fetched by a previous search request.

READ request for a given organization

Example: this read request returns the FHIR item for organization with ID wK7hhpbEIG1qkSdvRCCd3AEA3W4lBfDB. The ID may be retrieved by a search request sent before this request.

For an example see RED Interchange API - Postman Collection 0040 - All Organizations

Example of FHIR item for an organization
<Organization xmlns="">
    <id value="JAVnINQ7OOy5dMkdorAuXSEJJCPT2PAw"/>
        <versionId value="1"/>
        <lastUpdated value="2022-08-04T09:44:06+00:00"/>
        <profile value="|1.2.0"/>
        <status value="extensions"/>
        <div xmlns="">Organisation Dr. med. Hans Topp-Glücklich (V1) | ID JAVnINQ7OOy5dMkdorAuXSEJJCPT2PAwBSNR 391234511 | Adresse Musterstrasse 1, 64283 Darmstadt | Telefon 06151 / 1111111 | zuletzt bearbeitet 2022-08-04T09:44:06+00:00</div>
    <extension url="">
        <valueCode value="BSNR"/>
                <system value=""/>
                <code value="BSNR"/>
        <system value=""/>
        <value value="391234511"/>
    <name value="Dr. med. Hans Topp-Glücklich"/>
        <system value="phone"/>
        <value value="061511111111"/>
        <system value="fax"/>
        <value value="061512222222"/>
        <type value="both"/>
        <line value="Musterstrasse 1">
            <extension url="">
                <valueString value="Musterstrasse"/>
            <extension url="">
                <valueString value="1"/>
        <city value="Darmstadt"/>
        <postalCode value="64283"/>
        <country value="D"/>
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